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Frequently Asked Questions

Q0. What is the specialty of CSEPracticals ? How their Courses are different from others ?

Except few courses, all our courses are project based which requires development. We don't have any direct DSA/ALGO courses, we build projects and use DSA/ALGO while doing projects. So, if you are looking for Development in Networking and System Programming Domains, then you are at right place.

Q1. Can I get a refund if I'm unhappy with my purchase?

There shall be no refund in any case if this Bundle is purchased, since you are given access to all courses on udemy also as a part of this Bundle.

Q2. I Have a problem Understanding the content, How can I engage with an Instructor or Community with similar interests?

You can join our telegram group: telecsepracticals for a speedy resolution to your tech queries/doubts.

Q3. Is there any youtube Channel offered by CSEPracticals ?

Yes, You can subscribe to out channel :

Q4. Does it say all future courses shall be free for me If I buy this offer? How would I come to know about the new course launched?

Once you make a purchase, you will automatically be a part of our ecosystem. You will relieve emails when we shall be launching a new course. Since you have bought a jackpot offer, we will send you instructions to enroll in a new course for free.

Q5. I also want access to all the courses on Udemy ?

Yes, We do host our courses on Udemy as well. Once you make a purchase, you will be re-directed to enroll in all courses on udemy.

Visit this link to see our Courses on Udemy - Abhishek CSEPracticals | I build Networks ! | Udemy

Q6. I am not interested in buying all courses, but i want to purchase only few selected Courses. Is this possible ?

Yes. Simply click on the course you want to buy and make a payment for that course. You will get access only on teachable in this case. To get access to the same course on udemy also, You will have to write an email to [email protected]

Q7. I am not sure about the course Quality and dont know Instructors. should I make a purchase ?

We understand that making purchases online for learning materials and training is not an easy task. Therefore, either you can watch our lectures on our youtube channel first, and alternatively, visit our profile on and go through students reviews. Thats all We can do in this case.

Q8. I already have some CSEPracticals courses. I want to purchase Full bundle now. Can I get some discount ?

Sure. We can give you discount depending on how many courses you already have. Pls write us at [email protected] about the same.

Q9. 20 Courses ! Awesome. But I am Overwhelmed. In What order should I Do these Courses ?

Courses are usually independent, but do build the base you must first do following courses.

In Networking :

Networking Concepts with Socket Programming - Academic Level

In System Programming :

Linux System Programming Techniques and Concepts
Linux Inter Process Communication

Multi-Threading Related Courses

After doing above courses, you can do remaining courses in any order. All do not have dependency Or instructor has explained prerequisites in the Ist lecture of each course.

Q10. I am a youtuber Or have audience base on LinkedIn/Instagram with similar interest. Can I work as an affiliate with CSEPracticals and generate income from sales ?

Sure, Yes. Pls write us at [email protected] expressing your interest. We shall be glad to have you join us as an affiliate. We already have Tens of affiliate we have partnered with. We usually pay 40% of revenue to affiliates.